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In today’s competitive mortgage market, maximizing profitability has never been more challenging. Let’s face it, the cost to get a loan out the back door has never been greater. Whether you’re a mortgage company owner or a Manager in charge of your own P&L, the struggle is real.

How do you keep your pricing competitive, retain your top talent, grow through recruiting like-minded talent and control your costs to create a healthy bottom line while still having the ability to reward yourself and your team?

I understand how you feel. As a former mortgage company owner, I experienced these challenges first-hand. That’s why I developed a system to simplify your P&L and diagnose the health of any organization as it pertained to these areas.

Just like one's own blood pressure, we can determine the overall health of your mortgage business based on two numbers. The power of the system is that it creates a level playing field for any company or branch, no matter what your production level. Whether you're closing 30 units per month or 3000, the analysis is still the same.

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The Business Blood Pressure system identifies key areas in your business where taking action will be most effective at producing profits. It enables you to determine your strengths and weaknesses while suggesting solutions to stop any leaks and build an action plan for maximizing on-going profitability.

Here’s how the system works. First, we conduct a ProfitAbility® check-up to determine your business model, understand the DNA of your company and build a profile of the current structure. Then, we'll convert your P&L into the Business Blood Pressure format to determine the current health of your business. Finally, you'll receive completed Business Blood Pressure reports reflecting month to month results from the data provided and suggested changes for increased profitability.

The Business Blood Pressure system leads to confident, proactive real-time decision making and provides you with a compass to ensure your efforts are leading you in the right direction when it comes to maximizing your profits.

No longer will you have a reactionary management style due to the month to month scrambling to be profitable without a clear direction.

The Business Blood Pressure system combined with the ProfitAbility® check-up will provide you with transparency when it comes to the cause and effect of your decision-making and will enable you to uncover any weaknesses in real-time and take corrective action.

To determine if the Business Blood Pressure system is a good fit for your business, schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with us today.

Discover the 2 simple numbers that will add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

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At my previous company we hired Tom to teach our p&l based branches profitability. Every one of them saw an immediate impact on their P&L.

Tom E.

When Tom introduced the Profitability platform it struck me as a way of running your business like a grown up. Of course, at that point in time, my business wasn't quite ready to take on the challenges of adulthood. You will use Tom's Profitability platform to run your business. You'll either do it now or you'll do it when you start your next business after this one has collapsed. I feel that strongly about it.

Dean Harrington

What Tom has done with business Blood Pressure is simplify my financials, in real time, so at a quick glance I can recognize when my business starts to drift off course.

Brooke Anderson
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